En primer lugar muchas gracias por visitarnos. 

''Enamoradas de la moda'' Seria una buena frase principal para presentarnos.
  Nos encanta visitar blogs, inspirarnos con las miles de paginas de moda que existen, crear looks, combinar estampados, probar cosas nuevas..
                      ¿Que mejor manera de enseñar  nuestro estilo que un blog?

Consejos, informacion, outfits, maquillajes, ejercicios, moda... y muchas mas ideas para compartir.

        First Thanks For Visiting. 

''Fashion Victims'' Would be a good sentence to introduce ourselves.
  We love visiting blogs, inspiring with the thousands fashion pages there are, create looks, combined    patterns, try new things..

                      Is there any better way to teach our style in a blog?

  Tips, information, outfits, makeups, excercises,fashions,... and  more ideas to share.

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Hello! We are Mari Carmen and Rocío, we live in Spain. We are 16 years old and actually we are studying cience in high school.